There will be two programming projects and four written homework assignments.

Topic Assigned Due Other Info Solutions
Homework 1 03/15 03/22
Project 1 04/05 05/10
Homework 2 04/05 04/12
Project 2 04/26 05/31
Homework 3 04/26 05/10
Homework 4 05/24 05/31

Note that homework is to be done individually and project is to be done in groups of two students. You are required to choose your partner by your own. The reasons for a 2-student group are mainly because of the amount of work and real project experience. Although you have four weeks for each project, both of the projects need more efforts than you've thought. You and your partner have to make a good schedule and reasonalbe division of work.

Since the final exam plays an important part in your final grade, and some of the questions are relevant to homework and project, you'd better take the assignment seriously. Some questions that related to the projects will be in the form of "why" or "how", e.g., how do you solve the problem X, or why should we handle the problem Y in this way. You will give the answer with ease only if you do get involved in the project and solve the problems.

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