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Advanced Computer Network

Course Overview

ACN is a graduate course for computer science students. In this course, we will look into the basic principle of designing computer networks, the Internet architecture, network protocols, and various algorithms, etc. Topics to be covered include: LAN & Ethernet, internetworking & IPv6, routing, multicast, TCP & congestion control, P2P & overlay, mobile & wireless, network security and future Internet. Besides, the laterst research on computer network and the basic research method will be introduced. Evaluation is based on reading task presentations, course projects report and examination.


You are supposed to have learned some basic networking knowledge in undergraduated study. Because this course has two course projects, you should be familiar with at least one type of programming language, e.g, C/C++.

Course Stuff


NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Dan Li tolidan@tsinghua.edu.cn FIT Building 4-104 Thur. 10-11 am

Teaching Assistant

NameEmailOfficeOffice Hours
Yirong Yu yyr2046@126.com FIT Building 4-104 Mon. 10-11 am

Course Policies Notices

Here are a few policies we have with this course. You should be clear of all of them and follow them if you want to get the most out of this course.

Project Notice

This course has two programming projects, which are supposed to be finished by a group of two students. So you are required to report your partner's name to the TA within one week after the assignment of the first project. If you cann't find one, please contact the TA for help.

Try to avoid partner problems! Both of the projects required lots of efforts, and both of you are resposilble for the assignments. To succeed in the assignment, sufficient discussions, resonable division of labor and fully considered scheduling should be in your head. Never putoff all the work till the deadline. If you have problem in meeting the deadline due to the objective reasons, please contact the TA as soon as possible.

Course Resources

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