This class will be carried out by lectures, and the required book is Computer Networks: A Systems Approach,5th edition, written by Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie. The text book has almost all the material that we will cover in this course. You are required to do some reading before each lesson. For the detailed information, please check the scheduling chart below.

Also, here are a few recommended texts which are useful references (especially if networking becomes your career).


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights for the individual assignments:

In project 1, you are required to implement a real router using Click. Your mission is to build up a simple topology, and test the performance of it. Project 2 will focus on file transfers and the protocol components necessary for efficient and reliable file transfer (retransmission, congestion control, optimization, etc.) The final submission of both project should be a formal report, including all the documents and relavant source code.

The homework will combine both textbook-like questions as well as hands-on experimental exercises. There will be four homework assignments.


Date Instructor Topics Notes Readings
Fri 03/08 Dan Li Introduction
[pptx] [pdf]
introduction to the networking taxonomy and Internet overview 1.2, 1.3
Fri 03/15 Dan Li LAN & Ethernet
[pptx] [pdf]
Medium Access Control and Local Area Networking will be introduced. 2.1, 2.6
Fri 03/22 Dan Li Data center Network
[pptx] [pdf]
A glance of data center networking and the different architectures
Fri 03/29 Dan Li internetworking & IPv6 [pptx] Introduction of the motivation of building the Internet and the challenges. 3.2
Fri 04/05 Dan Li intra-domain routing
The model and protocols of intra-domain routing are introduced. 3.3
Fri 04/12 Dan Li inter-domain routing
The motivation, challenges and protocols of inter-domain routing are introduced. 4.1
Fri 04/19 Dan Li multicast
Introduction to IP multicast and the existing multicast protocols. 4.2
Fri 04/26 Dan Li TCP & Congestion Control(1) [pptx] Transport-layer introduction and TCP protocol 5
Fri 05/03 Dan Li TCP & Congestion Control(2) [pptx] Analysis of TCP congestion control 6
Fri 05/10 Dan Li P2P & overlay network
Peer-to-peer introduction and P2P application 9.4
Fri 05/17 Dan Li mobile & wireless
Internet mobility and challenges 2.7, 4.4
Fri 05/24 Dan Li network security
overview of network security and techniques 8
Fri 05/31 Dan Li future Internet architecture
Trends of future Internet evolutions
Fri 06/07 Dan Li Course project 1 report A tiny contest on file transfering and report.
Fri 06/14 Dan Li Course project 2 report Click router presentations and report.
Fri 06/21 Dan Li Examination


In spite of the textbook and references material, we have made up a list of papers, which covers all of the topic in our course, e.g., the ethernet, routing, congestion control, and so on. These papers are considered to be the classic work of the computer networking. You are suggested to read them and have a better understanding of the developing of the Internet. The full reading lists can be download here.

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