Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
Spring semester, Monday, 9:50 to 12:15 am

Lecturer: Yong-Jin Liu
Department of Computer Science & Technology, Tsinghua University

Syllabus and Course Schedule

Date Topics Lecture Anouncements
Week 1 Introduction to computer graphics lecture1-introduction.pdf

Week 2 Raster display lecture2-part 1.pdf
lecture3-part 2.pdf
Week 3-5 Parametric curve and surface modeling lecture3-part 1.pdf
lecture3-part 2.pdf
Week 6 Advanced topic I lecture4-advanced topic I.pdf (slides in the last year)
lecture4-reading material.pdf
Week 7-9 Modeling shape with polygonal meshes lecture5-part 1.pdf
lecture5-part 2.pdf
lecture5-part 3.pdf
lecture5-part3-reading material.pdf
Week 10 Color theory lecture6-part 1.pdf
lecture6-part 2.pdf
Week 11-12 Visual realism lecture7-part 1.pdf
lecture7-part 2.pdf
lecture7-part 3.pdf
Week 13-14 Ray tracing lecture8-part 1.pdf
lecture8-part 2.pdf
lecture8-part 3.pdf
lecture8-part 4.pdf
lecture8-part 5.pdf
lecture8-part 6.pdf
Week 15 Advanced topic II lecture9-advanced topic II.pdf (slides in the last year)
lecture9-reading material.pdf
Week 16 Project Presentation & Summary lecture10-summarization.pdf

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